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Stones, Air, Axioms – Thomas Tilly & Jean-Luc Guionnet

This one came out a few months ago but is well worth a listen if your ear is inclined towards large slabs of low end sound. Sara and I recently purchased a second hand car with a relatively quiet engine, decent speakers and a CD player, and its changed my listening habits a surprising amount […]


Aghartha is the solo project of Briony Yorke, who is currently researching x-ray crystallography and building scientific instruments for her PhD in Biophysics. Watch her performance at Bang the Bore XII: Coded Transmissions.

Apophonics – Jazz on 3, Radio 3, 11pm, 02.07.2012.

From the Jazz on 3 website: “Jez Nelson presents British saxophonist John Butcher and his Apophonics trio in session, featuring bassist John Edwards and Gino Robair on percussion. Butcher is one of the UK’s most highly regarded saxophone improvisors and composers of the last thirty years, drawing on his background as a physicist to explore […]

Caroliner Rainbow’s Wisdom Is Archived…

Some wonderful person, has collated a fancy archive of all of Caroliner Rainbow’s homely witterings. Generally considered by all right-minded folks to be the greatest band that ever existed (in the 1800s Mid West), Caroliner Rainbow are a twirling kaleidoscope of wonder and befuddlement. Leave mere rationality and taste aside, and wallow in their grubby […]

Ap-Martlet – A Second Hunter

Thoroughly enjoyable track of ‘treated silence’ that was sent my way in an email exchange by David Apmartlet, who’s based in West Yorkshire and plays modular synth and laptop. It’s available for download via his Soundcloud account. Apmartlet is also a member of Hagman, alongside Daniel Thomas and BtB’s favourite Lucier-botherer Stuart Bannister. A Second […]

Snaq Synth

From the Snaq Synth website: The Snack Synth generates evolving ‘chip tune’ style noises, which can be manipulated with the controls. Two tunes can be juggled using the ‘toggle’ feature, adding a performative aspect to an already horribly addictive gizmo. Watch the patterns in the light for the full immersive experience! Here is a demo […]

Reinhold Friedl – Mutanza

Excellent CD of piano composition recordings by Zeitkratzer mainman Reinhold Friedl. For almost any other release, the adjective “thorough” would sound like damnation with faint praise. I guess it depends how “thorough” an examination of a single instrument you’re used to… chances are Friedl takes that a hell of a lot further. In his own […]

Defibrillators album – out now on Teflon Beast

Defibrillators formed in March 2008 at The Croft in Bristol when Seth Cooke and Anton Maiof started chatting over a cigarette outside the Merzbow, Flowers/Corsano Duo and Carlos Giffoni concert playing that night. The plan was to form an improvising duo that would be more flexible and spontaneous than other bands the two had played […]


Bang the Bore XIV: Unexpected Error Featuring: Stephen Cornford, Hákarl & Jason Williams, Barnabas Yianni, Mouthful of Worms, Seth Cooke & Greta Pistaceci, Clive Henry, Verity Spiders and Amniotic 7pm – 10pm, Saturday 14th July 2012 John Hansard Gallery, University of Southampton, SO17 1BJ Free entry/donations gratefully accepted A thematic accompaniment to the John Hansard […]

Seth Cooke, Clive Henry and Kevin Sanders Trio

An improvisation featuring acoustic guitar alongside treated cymbals, electronics and steel sink, performed at Left Bank in Leeds 03.05.2012. Audio by Simon Reynell.