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Team Sports Interview

Team Sports, improvisers extraordinaire, share a few words with BtB about their philosophy of improvisation & their improvised philosophy.

Earth Creature – coming to Supernormal

Earth Creature descend upon Supernormal for BtB

BtB at Supernormal 2012…

SUPERNORMAL – LOVE EACH OTHER OR DIE from Andy Moore on Vimeo. More to come on this in the coming days – for now, here’s a short documentary on last year’s festival, featuring me (Kev) talking about the 36 hours gig we did at the festival last year. It’s going to be BIG like a […]

Shrinkwrapped – Karl M V Waugh

Some splendid whirling clouds of harsh fizziness and electronic tones courtesy of Karl Waugh. Like having your ears rubbed with scouring pads while listening to my nasty old alarm clock, only more pleasant than that implies. Shrinkwrapped by Karl M V Waugh


Bang the Bore XIV: Unexpected Error Featuring: Stephen Cornford, Hákarl & Jason Williams, Barnabas Yianni, Mouthful of Worms, Seth Cooke & Greta Pistaceci, Clive Henry, Verity Spiders and Amniotic 7pm – 10pm, Saturday 14th July 2012 John Hansard Gallery, University of Southampton, SO17 1BJ Free entry/donations gratefully accepted A thematic accompaniment to the John Hansard […]

The Anonymous Zone

“The Anonymous Zone is a new idea; a place where music can be listened to and appreciated for what it really is, not because of who made it. Improvisation and contemporary classical music are as riddled with star systems as any other form of music, and inevitably, in spite of our best intentions, our reaction […]

Luke Larsener and the Amazing Multi-Channel Feedback Coat

The Japanese have a four letter word for guys like this: BAKA. Plus a startling resemblance to Andy Serkis’ motion capture gimp suit.

BtB 12/12 #1: Seth Cooke – Gravity Well

A composition involving two improvisations – one using feedback systems, the other interference – overlaid at three different sample rates. Recorded for Bang the Bore’s 12/12 collaboration.