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“I want to live there. And make you a workhorse for eternity.” (Bang the Bore at Supernormal, part 1)

Supernormal festival: reflections on massages, wildlife, advertising of vegan food, drinking, visual pendulums, naked people, my hair, crickets, defective tents, piles of poo, hardcore pornography in a forest… and there might be some mention of the music as well.

Stuart Chalmers’ Amalgam: Bristol 9th Sep

Ah Amalgam! Orthodontic seal divine, matched so well in tone to tooth, friend of sugary sensualist whose grin it spares metallic truth. And yet, a material priced sadly beyond of the reach of so many of our number – poor, lowly, musicians we mostly are, hungrier even for audience than sucrose snacks.  So the silver toothed, […]