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Live at the Pussy Boutique, Stoke-on-Trent

Stream live performances from Astral Social Club, Mothers of the Third Reich, Midwich, Target Shoppers, Subs and Vile Plumage, recorded live at the Pussy Boutique, Stoke-on-Trent, in celebration of the marriage of Andy and Trudi Jarvis.

UPDATED: Significant Landscapes (programme now online) & Tombstones

At the risk of coming across as fixated, Michael Pisaro’s name is cropping up again next month. Patrick Farmer is organising the Significant Landscapes event in Oxford, at which Pisaro’s extraordinary July Mountain (a sonified Wallace Stevens poem, consisting of twenty field recordings and over one hundred percussion parts) will receive its first public performance. […]

“…hot therms looking prehistoric pterodactyl…” (Bang the Bore at Supernormal, part 4)

Final piece about BtB at Supernormal 2012, including some wonderful text from Gary Goodman, more videos of various bits and bobs, reflections and perhaps something approximating an insinuation that we’ll most likely be returning next year. Plus the phrase ‘totes amazeballs’.

“I’m a massage whore, right?” (Bang the Bore at Supernormal, part 3)

Supernormal festival: 3rd part of our personal reflections from BtB affiliates involved in 2012’s festival. Includes an anecdote about massages, stories of toddlers’ first steps, reflections on poetry and the answer to the question ‘was Verity sick at Supernormal?’

“streams of shit and piss falling onto huge piles of piss and shit.”* (BtB at Supernormal, part 2)

Supernormal festival: reflections on massages, wildlife, advertising of vegan food, drinking, visual pendulums, naked people, my hair, crickets, defective tents, piles of poo, hardcore pornography in a forest… and there might be some mention of the music as well.

3 Electroacoustic Duos – Bristol, Cafe Kino this Saturday

Very excited about this. Come down, say “Hi!”, see some fantastic music, and maybe take the opportunity to sample some of Kino’s rather excellent food. Phil Julian & John Macedo Mark Durgan & Stephen Cornford Clive Henry & Stuart Chalmers 7:30pm £6 Phil Julian is best known in his Cheapmachines guise, which has been releasing […]

#1 #1 #1

Here’s Jame’s Saunders’ short video documenting the first half of our inaugural performance of the inaugural piece in his location composite series – a projected series of pieces developed by interaction with the geocacheing community. The score, which can be found here is, I think, really quite lovely – and a quick glance will tell […]