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Tim Hodgkinson

For Coded Transmissions, Bang the Bore’s third event at the John Hansard Gallery, we asked Tim Hodgkinson to improvise live alongside a playback of the K-Space album Infinity – an album that never plays the same music twice. Watch the entirety of his performance here.

AMALGAM 14.12.2012. – Chalmers, Cooke, Hyde, Thibault, Watson

Amalgam brings together five renowned local musicians of different backgrounds for a unique collaboration. In various combinations throughout the night the musicians meld sounds of drone, noise, ambient, musique concrete, electro- acoustic. Or something else completely. Heloise Thibault (H) is a french musician who uses electronics and keyboards to create a music of blissful drones […]

BtB 12/12 #4: clive henry – XVI – September 2012 – the cage

The fourth contribution to Bang the Bore’s 12/12 project – clive henry – XVI – September 2012 – the cage – will be streamable and downloadable until the end of October 2012.

Stephen Grasso – A Voodoo Christmas in South Norwood II

Bang the Bore is proud to present the second volume of Stephen Grasso’s selection of “(often very) tangentially Voodoo-related” Christmas records, compiled from his personal collection. A seasonal mixtape for stream or download.

Two new releases by Kostis Kilymis

The final months of 2012 see us spoiled for choice for new music. A new Scott Walker album, the Angharad Davies/Cremaster disc on Potlatch, the six disc Wandelweiser set on Another Timbre… and now two new Kostis Kilymis releases, both on excellent labels. The first is a duo with Sarah Hughes, The Good Life, recorded […]

Tilbury plays Feldman at Oto, 11.12.2012. (fundraiser)

From the Cafe Oto website: John Tilbury would jokingly refer to our long-serving, slightly battered Dannemann baby grand as ‘that piano shaped box’ and it was in part due to his ongoing encouragement that we took delivery of an ex-rental Yamaha C3 grand piano at the beginning of September this year. We were able to […]