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persons needed for 2014 tape swap thing - "noise"
  • _ch__ch_
    Posts: 1,899

    a friend has tried to start a tape swap on the hnw forum, but uk/eire based to avoid postage insanity. due to the subdued nature of the uk hnw massive, the net needs to be cast wider...

    here's his post:
    Anyone interested in doing a UK (and Ireland - Mark Ward!) based cassette swap for 2014? - Each participating member gets assigned a month, and on that month you record a noisy tape (no limits on styles here) and distribute copies to all participating members in the swap. Over the course of the year, you will get 12 tapes. A great way to share and receive new music. I'm already involved in an international swap, so I thought a UK based one would be more affordable (with sky high postage rates) and give those involved an opportunity to see what is going on, on their doorstep. - Please share, as we need 12 participants to make this happen!

    so whilst its started on the hnw forum, it probably won't be too wall-heavy; but i think "noisy" is there to be interpreted as "noise", or NOIZE

    participants needn't join up to the hnw forum
    anyone interested in taking part, reply here or pm me


  • Yo! Would love to be involved in such an excursion, god willing.

    Robin x
  • _ch__ch_
    Posts: 1,899
    i will transfer yr interest to the ULTRA ELITIST HNW FORUM

  • Cheers en. I've joined up – they ACCEPTED me
  • _ch__ch_
    Posts: 1,899

    are you bulgarian?

  • Me & all 50,000 of my mates are gonna flood in & take all your tapes
  • *bump*

    Can't believe more people aren't up for this...
  • dsicdsic
    Posts: 312
    i'm up for this
  • magist
    Posts: 78
    me, myself and i will join too.

    i'll email a few others who might be up for it....
  • _ch__ch_
    Posts: 1,899
    i will register yr interest on the THEY'LL-LET-ANYONE-BLOODY-IN HNW FORUM
  • :-(
  • rob502
    Posts: 4
    hey im interested. And I expressed interest on HNW forum too. count me in. cheers
  • defo interested in being involved
  • dsicdsic
    Posts: 312
    yeah, mine will be 'noise' not HNW... only because I've tried hnw, and failed miserably at it... it's difficult to do well
  • _ch__ch_
    Posts: 1,899


    ha ha. people still refer to the board as an elitist thing, and all the while we're discussing hnw tributes to the clangers :-D
    i love you, man (etc)

    rob502 said: I expressed interest on HNW forum too.

    worry not, its still jims baby on the hnw forum - just drumming up interest here

    NonFerricMemories said: defo interested

    noted and will relay to t'other forum :-)

    dsic said: it's difficult to do well

    or really easy.
  • Hello all and Happy New Year :) as usual late to the party, if theres still room JBW will join in. I'm sure I could do a tape despite selling my tape deck to Dsic.
  • _ch__ch_
    Posts: 1,899
    one more name in the hat and we are go :-)

  • magist
    Posts: 78
    my mate liam wants to join up
    but cant get through the security for this site.
    any ideas?
  • _ch__ch_
    Posts: 1,899
    I'll grab Liam as that final name and we'll figure security later!
  • That's Liam Microdeform right?
  • _ch__ch_
    Posts: 1,899
    message from jim (vagary records):
    "Ok, lets get this started then. Can everyone involved...send me their contact details (name, address, project name etc.) and I will compile an address list and a running order (assigning everyone a month)."

    if those of you who aren't on the uber-kvlt hnw forum would like to PM me yr details, i will forward to jim

    thereafter we can mingle via emails, the hnw forum, and this one

    cool beans
    and thanks!!

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