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21/2/14 : club quiet presents Kawabata Makoto, Kathy Hinde, H, Hacker Farm + Bizarre Rituals
  • HenryHenry
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    Club Quiet and The Island are proud to host a rare solo show from founder and guitarist of Acid Mothers Temple, Kawabata Makoto.

    "Kawabata Makoto believes he is more of a cosmic translator than a musician. Trying to make sense of the sounds he has heard inside his head since he was a boy, Makoto believes that his reason for existence is to tune in and share these sounds with the world"
    taken from ...

    The event will take place deep underground at the former police station/island complex in the city centre. The venue is intimate so tickets are limited for this event so book early to avoid disappointment.

    support comes from

    Kathy Hinde.
    I discovered Hinde's music after her mesmerising show at bang the bore last month in which she uses vibrating objects, homemade music boxes and other bespoke items and techniques to create beautiful and considered music which is a wholesome and welcome change from the fatigue i get of hearing 'the same old thing' at live music shows. check out her amazing projects bellow

    Hacker Farm.
    Rural electronic experimenters who opened there land up to city folk for a day of music, film, voodoo VHS in a hedge (amazing), sound sculptures and tea'n'cakes last year as part of Qu Junktions and the Arnolfini's 'out of place' series of events. Musically there style is mysterious, analogue and warming (like a cup of tea). Last year's UHF album has been on repeat for months now in my house. it takes you on a eerie hike through pastures of drones, electronics and early aphex twin style ambience.

    H is a local noise staple round these parts. she is zamzam records operator, fag radio broadcaster, lover of noise, connoisseur of psychedelic lofi extremities and plays a mean live show with table crammed full of pedals and gadgets

    Bizarre Rituals
    Devon's Bizarre Rituals will be playing music in between facts, expect odd world music and merky electronics

    + i'll probably play some live music to (if there's time)

    < the island, bridewell street, bristol, bs1 2le >

    if your interested in joining our mailing list or playing at club quiet please do drop me a message.
  • expexp
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    This looks top.
  • expexp
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    This is now up on our front page.

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