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Rie Nakajima, Consorts, Miguel Prado- Bristol, Kino 17/10
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    Bristol Cafe Kino,
    Stoke's Croft
    Fri 17th October
    8pm £6

    Rie Nakajima
    Winner of the Arts Foundation Experimental Music Prize 2014
    ‘Using sound, I look for a state where things start to react to each other, freed from their specific contexts’ explains Japanese-born Rie Nakajima of her work. Since studying sculpture at Chelsea and later the Slade Rie has been working on installations and performances which produce sounds using a combination of kinetic devices, audio materials and found objects. Each work is unique as she composes in real-time in direct response to the unique context of each space creating rhythmically complex and self-developing sounds, from the micro-acrobatics of her spinning wind-up toys to the blare and wet echo of air passing through water. As says a writer for Void+ ‘Nakajima’s sonic magnificence is in how her objects alter from quotidian to sonic arrangements through repetition and accumulation….like an army of them…they accrue and are soundings, and the experience of the work is wholly majestic.’
    Rie is the current associate artist at London’s experimental music hub, Café OTO, where she recently performed with David Toop and has exhibited and performed widely, both in the UK and overseas.

    Tonight, Consorts will be a Septet of Dominic Lash, Angharad Davies, Tom Jackson, Benedict Taylor, Nick Malcom, Hannah Marshall and Alex ward. The ensemble was formed in 2013 to explore the possibilities of combining sustained-tone music and improvisation (both guided and free). Compositions are written for specific musicians but the membership of the ensemble will be flexible from composition to composition.

    Miguel Prado
    Miguel Prado is an electronicist, writer, composer and collaborator with, among others, Mattin, Julian Skrobek, and Michael Pisaro. His works have ranged from the Wandelweiser detournement Comedy Apories (which kept the silences but swapped out the breathiness and soft tones for canned laughter), through noise music, to his more recent interest in what he labels "the geotraumatic evacuation of the voice". Consistently fascinating, we're looking forward to his first gig as a Bristolian.
  • Our next show

    Miguel will be performing a solo voice and modular synth set - based partly on his forthcoming unaccompanied voice collaboration with Mattin
  • This will be on Friday.

    It would be disappointing if we didn't see you there on Friday.

    Because, really - wouldn't that mean you'd let yourself down?

    Yes. Probably that would be the most disappointing thing about it.
  • This was *fantastic* and reminded me why putting on these shows is A Good Thing.

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