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Bristol types coming to Brighton: The Spirit of Gravity present Aigon DAAC, supercell, Nicholas Lang

  • The Spirit of Gravity present
    Aigon DAAC (Bennet, Chalmers,Lash), supercell, Nicholas Langley and Hassni Malik

    Madden / Dylewski- machine rhythms & digital noise in conversation with error born colour & form

    Aigon DAAC
    Analog Digital Acoustic. It's always DAACest before dawn

    Hassni Malik & Nicholas Langley
    'indigenous electronic music', a free improv culture with European kosmische references

    Supercell aka Madden / Dylewski. Following on from last year's epic live AV art installation at Fabrica Gallery and their Visuals and Installations at Fort Process the duo will strip things down to a straight audio/visual set up. Expect machine rhythms and digital noise in conversation with error born colour and form.

    Aigon DAAC are Dominic Lash (bass), Dan Bennett (laptop) and Stuart Chalmers (tapes). melding analog cassette tapes, acoustic double bass and computer controlled prepared speakers. Their improvisations move freely from minimal abstract textures through to dense, highly charged interactions."

    Hassni Malik & Nicholas Langley. Members of Brighton's infamous experimental unit, Vitamin B12, Hassni Malik & Nicholas Langley create purely electronic ambient music. making their synthesisers sing, drone and pulse, taking you on a slow moving and heady journey through gentle pastures of ambience and noise. Influenced by bands such as coil, their music resonates but never irritates.
    They are current members of The Vitamin B12 and co-founders of the record labels In Progress, Irrational Arts, The Lumberton Trading Company and Third Kind. Langley also goes solo under the name Hz. Their sets are entirely electronic and improvised. They are made using a combination of unusual homemade synths and synth apps - old analogue electronics with contemporary mobile technology. The pair are influenced by Coil among others, and they veer precariously between the abstract and the harmonic.


    "the spirit of gravity: making experimental music a threat again - since 2012"

    Date 23rd October
    The Green Door Store
    Brighton Train Station,
    BN1 4FQ
    Time 8:00
    Cost £5
  • This was very enjoyable.
    Selected points in its favour:

    - Fab to finally meet Geoff in person (and wig).
    - Catching up with Duncan, John, Kev and other friendly brightonians
    - Supercell's set was a brilliant immersive spectacle.
    - I enjoyed playing
    - Good crowd!
    - The noodles and sushi caff down the road - good & really friendly.

    Thanks Geoff and all involved!
  • magist
    Posts: 78
    yes i'll second all that. Wonderfully eclectic event.
    - I enjoyed playing
    good to see also.

  • Duncan
    Posts: 349
    Yeah, this was a really great show. Pretty outstanding work from you lads headlining there. Best 'thing like that' I've seen in a really long time and actually the first time I've seen any of you play in any capacity. Truly excellent, well done and come back soon. Please?
  • True true, it was all much enjoyed!

    SandorKrasna, I did not realise that you were one of Aigon DAAC! In that case I think I spoke to you briefly at the end without making the connection to you here.

    Either way, fun times.
  • Aw, thanks both.
    I didn't realise you were who you were either. Nice to meet you :)
  • Yes, I really enjoyed the night and agree with Duncan, one of the best of that kind of thing I've seen. Superlative cassette work.
    I have a couple of recordings, desk and audience, did I send them to you? I cant remember.
  • Does this mean Tom is TJDizzle?
  • Cheers Geoff :)
    no I don't think you sent recordings - we got some of our own but they weren't fantastic (uploaded here so it'd be good to hear yours.
    I'm pavementsands [hat] gmail etc.
  • OK, I've just sent that by dropbox, I think it comes from my dj account, cheesemaster.
  • Thanks Geoff - just got it. Much appreciated.

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