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Does anyone in Bristol want a huge load of old Wire magazines?
  • 'sup Borebangers,
    hope you're all well - I keep missing your nights...

    As the thread title says, does anyone in Bristol (or who doesn't mind traveling to Bristol) want a huge load of old Wire magazines? More than 10 years worth, plus a few other random editions from earlier.

    I wouldn't say no to a donation for them, but I similarly wouldn't say no to someone just taking the whole bastard stack away. I need more space.

    I'm in Easton. Maybe I could even deliver them to you (only maybe).

    Hope we can say hello some time.

  • going once,
    going twice,
    going to the charity shop tomorrow...
  • I'd say yes, but wouldn't be able to get to them until mid-late december, so not great if you need the space.

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