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AMING LIANG + INSECT RITUAL + more, Leeds Fenton, 23/11/2014
  • Angurosakuson presents…
    Sunday matinee of improv! (The Fenton is a friendly old place now… management changed and the beer is good.)


    Suspicious character found noise busking in Burley Park. Aming hails from China (near Lancaster!?) and performs a riotous casket of guitar-rage. Aming is much loved by noise-obsessed pedestrians and he will perform two extra sets of short durations with Panelak and Insect Ritual. Hun Hao!!


    Swirling exquisite weirdness from Mel Delaney (Ashtray Navigations). Some really strong sets of sustained clarinet morsels can be heard from her Mel O’Dubslaine project, but under her guise this afternoon I have no idea what she will crank out, but it’ll surely be very very interesting.


    I also don’t have a clue how this will come out… But the line-up is very promising: Rob Glew (ex-Etai Keshiki) and Gretchen (Guttersnipe) improve their improv skillz with an individual named Hayden who plays sax and is getting a train from Newcastle (near Shanghai!?).


    Lively improv team based at Leeds University’s School of Music, a defiant anti-snore-athon of short improv attacks in grim anticipation of The Big Sleep AKA Huddersfield Contemporary Snoozic Festival. Will feature members of LIME (Leeds Improvised Music and Experimentation.

    Sunday 23rd November, 4pm – 7pm, Fenton Leeds


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