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  • expexp
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    Sam Bailey, Kevin Sanders, Luke Nickel
    Nov 19th Bristol, Cafe Kino, £5

    Prepared Piano, Petals, and a Pflutist

    Sam Bailey
    Cantebury's woodland piano experimentalist and philosopher - creatively abusing the Kino upright, coaxing drones, clanks and wonder.
    Sam Bailey is an improvising pianist, composer, teacher and serial collaborator. In the past two years he has worked on projects with composers, improvising musicians, an 80’s rock star, dancers, poets, filmmakers, a 3D light sculptor, photographers, a mathematician and several chefs. Sam has recently finished a practice-based PhD in improvising music and he runs the Free Range series of music, film and poetry events in Canterbury, Kent. Sam’s current projects include the site specific Piano in the Woods and the synaesthesia-inducing Eating Sound.

    Kev Sanders
    Petals/Haidryer Excommunication head droning us into a gritty bliss. One of our favourite operators on noise's progressive fringe.
    "[T]he professorial neighbour of a rockabilly band attempting to school ‘em in modernism by by playing the tough bits from the 2001: A Space Odyssey soundtrack through the band’s own slashed practice amps." - Rob Hayler

    Luke Nickel
    Luke Nickel (b. 1988) is a Canadian composer, artist, curator, and flutist currently completing a PhD at Bath Spa University under the direction of James Saunders. Luke's flute playing is an attempt to rehabilitate his earlier classical training by taking inspiration from (among other things) Wandelweiser, imaginary dinosaur noises, drone music, singing in the shower, and minimalist sculpture. This will be Luke's first public performance in Bristol.

  • Thanks all who came - this was fun, 3 excellent sets, all completely different, and lots of nice people to talk bollocks with.
  • expexp
    Posts: 2,638
    Kev's set is online already (my recording, no video):

    Luke's video didn't work. I'm sending him the audio for him to use as he sees fit.

    Sam's audio and video are nice, so they'll probably get put on Vimeo.

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