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  • MAX 7 is out

    I bought max 5 years back when I could get it at educational discount, and I can get a cheapy upgrade price on 7 so I'm considering it.

    Didn't upgrade to 6
    What did people think of 6?
    Anyone else build their own things within PPOOLL framework? And if so do you have problems with this on 6

    I've literally just this month started coding externals for MAX and it'd probably be handy to be up to date, rather than learning an out of date API...
  • dsicdsic
    Posts: 312
    I downloaded the MAX7 demo but will hold back from upgrading from MAX6 simply as I haven't put the time and effort into max/msp to justify (keep getting sucked back into Reaktor)

    workflow improvements in max 7 are nice though, not got my head around the new audio and timestretching objects yet either.
  • dsicdsic
    Posts: 312
    not familiar with ppooll, but from what i gather it's a way of audio routing patches? i use Max from max4live point of view with Live 9.

    Also this looks interesting
  • Yeah PPOOLL is kind of two things - bunch of max modules that pretty much every live laptop improviser /noiser who doesn't use ableton seems to use. A bunch of fun plugnplay stuff that lets you use max without making patches. And also, as you say, a framework for audio/message/etc. routing between patches- I find if I build patches using it, it speeds up development, makes it easier to get patches to interract, and I can take advantage of a bunch of utility modules for preset/routing/buffer handling etc. Possibly more modern versions of max make it obsolete, but I'm quite invested in it now.

    That stretta stuff is quite nice if I remember right. He's also a modular synth head whose blog has lots of nice hints on making funny noises with electronics.

    Max for live does appeal, but last I tried I couldn't get into the way Ableton wants you to work - it doesn't work well with a few of my editing/constructing tics. I should try again though, as the only other option to do a couple of things I want to do is to rebuild patches as vsts., which would possibly be taking my stubborn commitment to Reaper too far. Though at the same time I gather Gen exports C++ code now...
  • dsicdsic
    Posts: 312
    unfortunately like any DAW you are forced into a particular workflow, although Max for Live opens routes that other DAWs simply don't afford and Ableton's session view can be geared to improvisation, even if it does want to quantize EVERYTHING by default (thankfully can be overidden)

    i can have max processing patches on the other end of a reaktor vst for example, stuff simply not possible before live.

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