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A+E : Simon Whetham, Seth Cooke, Henry Collins and Robin Foster (Sunday 14th of December)
  • HenryHenry
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    Hey BTB forum,

    Hope to see you all at next weeks event.

    7.00pm - 10.00pm
    Sunday 14th of December
    The Gallery Space, The Island, Bridewell Street
    Tickets £5.

    As part of a short UK tour, globe-trotting sound artist and field recordist Simon Whetham teams up with dissenting improviser Seth Cooke + Performances from A+E curators Henry Collins & Robin Foster.

    Activating objects and surfaces with found sounds and actions, Simon Whetham creates a shifting sonic environment that is comfortably disorientating. Simon has been capturing and composing almost primarily with field recordings since taking part in a research trip to Iceland in 2005. He was invited to participate in two residencies at the Art Container in Tallinn, Estonia, the second to compose new work, collaborate with other artists using sound and run deep listening, field recording and composition workshops. This residency resulted in ‘Active Crossover’, a touring exhibition and exchange project.

    Seth Cooke is an improviser and sound recordist. His music is frequently location or process oriented and he often works with material happened upon by chance. As a percussionist he plays traps and waste disposal sink. Cooke runs the Every Contact Leaves a Trace CDr label. He co-founded Bang the Bore with Clive Henry in 2009, Place of Safety with Henry Collins in 2013 and Several 2nds in 2013.

    Henry Collins abandoned his electronic music career two years ago to work solely on more diverse projects and activities that tingle his mind and ears. Whether it's the cold cuts of redacting as heard in his 'Music of Sound' release on Every contact leaves or his collaborative rummaging project with Robin Foster (, there is a sense of curiosity within his work and a desire to uncover something sonically new, as well as an interest in the notion of freeing oneself from improvisation. Often contradicting and musically passive aggressive, Collins treads a fine line between idiocy and genius.

    Robin Foster is a musician who is active in several different areas; in particular freely improvised music and computer music. Compositionally, his interests include sound-based composition and algorithmic music and synthesis, and his performance-based activity is concerned with noise music and improvisation, as well as the presentation of non-musical activity in a musical context. He has a Masters degree from De Montfort University's Music, Technology and Innovation Research Centre. He currently records music under various guises, and performs freely improvised music solo and in groups. He has performed with the Dirty Electronics Ensemble, and recently has been developing the performance practice Rummaging with Henry Collins, who he frequently performs and records with. He is responsible for the online label Megawhat Recordings.

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