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    A+E are organising a Fluxus-inspired evening of Happenings at the Island on Saturday 28th of February and we're after artists, performers and composers to get involved.

    The aim of the evening is a big mess of simultaneous performances akin to John Cage's Musicircus events.
    Henry and myself will be curating the event. We'll be picking existing works from sources like the Fluxus Workbook to perform, as well as our own compositions and we're after performers who are willing to perform existing works, as well as artists, musicians, composers, etc, who want to submit (or perform) their own works for consideration.

    We want as wide a variation of works as possible. Installations, live art, performance art, recorded works, video art, stand up comedy, political activism, theatre pieces, circus acts, religious ceremonies, ritual sacrifices...anything at all, and the only requirement is that you're ok with your work being programmed at the same time as, and in close proximity to, other pieces.

    We hope to include as many works as are submitted, but hope you'll understand that may not be possible.

    Equally important, if you are a performer who would be happy to perform works by others then we'll gladly find you scores to perform throughout the evening.

    So, if you're interested, please get in touch! Even if it's half an idea that you're not sure how to implement, we'd love to hear from you.

    Email xxxtipex at gmail dot com


    Robin and Henry xx
  • HenryHenry
    Posts: 43
    more on john cage's musicircus here…/20/john-cage-and-his-musicircus

    and the fluxus workbook .. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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