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The "Build Me a ..." Thread (also incorporating the "I Can Build ..." Thread)

  • A thread where people who like to build things (electronicy things, software, wooden instrument things, whatever related to DIY/experimental music I guess) can offer their services and where people who want something built can see if anyone fancies building it.

    On the whole I'm imagining this is going to be more favour/service swap than paid transactions

    I know that existing BTB involvees can be trusted to be decent to each other, but this thread is open to the entire internet so I'm going to be cautious and state some ground rules.
    First among them: *Nobody is going to police agreements made on this thread.*
    So be sensible, don't make offers you can't follow through with and don't offer a week's salary to someone you know nothing about to build you the world's most exciting eurorack module.

    I'm also going to remind everybody of The Single Rule of DIY:
    1) Don't be a twat

    Sub Clauses to The Single Rule of DIY:
    a) Speak to each other like reasonable human beings
    b) Do things because you like doing them, if earning money is your goal there are other better ways to pursue that
    c) If money does come into it sort it out among yourselves. I am not going to get involved in your petty shit (beyond possibly banning you from the forum.)
    d) If someone makes something for you, they become a collaborator on whatever you do with that thing. Credit them appropriately.
    e) Communicate with each other
    f) If an amount of money significant to you gets involved, first make sure you're comfortable with that and then take your business (which is what it has now become) far away from Bang the Bore.

    You don't have to abide by these rules, but if you don't you can't use this thread.

  • I'm interested in building audio software things for people.
    Particularly externals for MAX/MSP and PD.
    If there's an effect you want to achieve, or a kind of synthesis you want to do etc. I can probably have a crack at it.
    Happy to collaborate and develop a rough idea into a proper thing but equally happy to build to a very specific requirement.

    I have been writing audio processing/generation code in C. I've built a handful of things now and enjoyed it, but I'd like to stretch myself, so I'm now interested in other peoples' requests.
    My experience so far is writing externals for MAX/MSP and PD. I might be able to do other things but have much less experience there so we'd need to discuss what you're after.
    I'm still learning so some things will be beyond me.
    Anything I write for you will be open source and shared via github.
  • I'm looking for a power starve, happy to pay someone to make one for me as I am too inept to build one myself.

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