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'No machine guns, no moats, nothing' and 'IXOTICA Volume 1'
  • HenryHenry
    Posts: 43
    Very pleased to announce two new releases this week


    'No machine guns, no moats, nothing' is a subtle listen, best played on headphones or in a quiet space. There is purposelessly no words on the source of the sounds and story of this work as listening to it is the way to find out the information you need or don't need.


    'IXOTICA' is the first volume of a project/concept i have been tinkering with over the last three years. Entirely made within a web browser, i use multitab mixing to create a sonic journey through the wealth of archives of dynamic media, plugins and uploaded music and video available on the web. This idea originated from Soundwwwalking which is a type of music composition that anyone with an internet connection and browsing device can try out.

    You can read more words about this project and stream or download the album bellow. As always, if you enjoy my music, feel free to donate a little money to go towards the studio's biscuit fund and support unfunded sound art ...

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