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McWatt + Chrissie Caulfield + Inverted Nepal + Melting + Marlo Eggplant @Fenton Leeds, 22/2/2015
  • Angurosakuson Presents:22nsFeb2015 McWatt v.2 01

    Madinee Mattness!

    Sun 22nd Feb, 4pm start, that's 4pm, 4pm, one hour before 5pm GEE EM TEE!

    **at The Fenton -- which is newly managed and full of fabulous beer and fabulous beer head and fabulous non-alcoholic drinks. Imagine the PROVERBIAL love child of Terry Walls and Ms. ceiling and there you have the Fenton.

    £4 (no-one will be turned away for lack of funds)


    If you imagine the MUSICAL LOVE CHILD of minimalism and chamber music! Imagine it! Chamber danger. Sarah McWatt (flute & accordion) + Seth (double bass and accordion). A Wire review notes: "I assume they work on pieces together." And something with the word "Judicious". Either way it'll be a mellow thoughtful post-amble to a hectic clatter of bands.



    Imagine the love CHILD of an angry violin and a Boss guitar effects pedal factory and, yes folks! - there you have it! Yes! Yes! We've made a love child! It's a love child! It's a trope! It's to help you think of what the gig might be! Chrissie (seriously now) plays in the Harrogate Philharmonic Orchestra and so it follows, love children aside, that she means BuSiNeSs when it comes to symphonic swoops and suspension bridge bows, all rugged and snarling, all screeching and snarling, all to disintegrate in The Biggest and Most Extensive Effects Boards You Have Ever Seen (overequipped is often a bad thing, but Chrissie knows her equipment, and love children aside, the result is bloomin' marvellous). Chrissie is also one half of the Helicopter Quartet, yes, chekkkemmmout! They're actually a duo!!!!!!!! /


    If you imagine the MUSICAL LOVE CHILD of Helm and an octopus, Marlo isn't really anything like the above love child. Two arms, more like Marlo. Marlo is a ruckuss noise maker and the source is string metal strings on an instrument with strings. Marlo's now writing for the Radio Free Midwich blog! / /


    kindly TAKE THE LIBERTY OF imagining the MUSICAL LOVE CHILD of Grim (errr, grime but gimme grim!) and 2-Step then you have a chaos magik witch beats ritual for you. Daria Ramone serves it up in a spikey and somewhat droney manner, big fan-nage!


    If you imagine the lovechild of Incapacitants and a Harsh Noise Wall and then knock it down and then type it up using lazy music journalistic cliches, you have to ask yourself, how does a wall make love to a Japanese banker? Unvented Nubiles, as they aren't called, are Pete Cann and Paul Walsh, in other words, the "lad and dad of the Yorkshire noise scene" (Idwal Fisher), and they as far as I know they have never had wall with a sex hahaha lol ;-)

    If you were paying attention you wouldn't NEED to be reminded that it's 4pm start.


    A Music Open Day at the Leeds Central Library is on the same day, just before the gig, and is well worth going to. Performances + a discussion on how we might be able to watch/promote events in the library!

    "From ACDC to Xylophones, whether you’re a classical musician or a jazz enthusiast the Music Library welcomes you! Explore our loanable CDs and sheet music, journals and magazines and so much more. We stock music by local bands too, so bring your musical masterpieces along! Find out how you can get involved with upcoming Music Library events and experience live music throughout the day."

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