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For The Record and Train of Thought & Disconcert Experimental Alldayer
  • Train of Thought Emporium in association with DisConcert presents an alldayer of experimental music at Bar 42, featuring:
    Sunday 1st March

    Slow Listener
    Hardworking Families
    Kosmos 954
    Sunset Over Whitehawk
    Objector 432
    PigLust and The Jezter
    Mouthful ov Hákarl
    Second Hymen
    Noteherder & McCloud

    THEE BALD Knobbers will also be doing another FlashKnob in Worthing - details to follow!


    A number of BtB related artists at this event. It'll be starting at around 3 with a Bald Knobbers procession from The Train of Thought Emporium to the bandstand, and from there to the venue itself for a start at 4ish.

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