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Cementimental London tour 17/18/19 Apr 2015
  • Doing 3 gigs in a row next week :D The middle one as PAGE & DRAGE, my noise collab with raxil4



    17 April 2015
    Anatum's Abode, 613 Commercial Rd, London, E147NT
    entry = donations

    Anatum's Abode presents an Evening with classwar karaoke

    8 acts, 2 stages - improv, spoken word, noise, free jazz, electronics,
    performance art, dance.

    Lawrence Casserley
    Hubert Heathertoes
    Yoni Silver / Benedict Taylor / Daniel Thompson

    A fantastic night in the offing here .... no less than 8 acts, spread
    over two rooms, drawn from the very best of the UK experimental scene,
    with special guests, BALKH, over from the west coast of America.
    Expect great variety, with short sets from all, covering everything
    from spoken word and dance to free jazz, noise and electronica.
    Admission is by voluntary donation at the door.
    About Classwar Karaoke:
    Founded in 2008 by Anthony Donovan, and joined two years later by Jaan
    Patterson, Classwar Karaoke is dedicated to the release of
    experimental music and short-films; principally, by means of a series
    of ongoing quarterly surveys, made available via Free Music Archive
    and YouTube - all under Creative Commons license 3.0, and full-length
    releases sold via Bandcamp. Over the course of its seven years, the
    label has released material by such as Bob Ostertag, Leafcutter John,
    Terry Bozzio, Fred Frith, Otomo Yoshihide, Rhys Chatham, John Hyatt,
    Phil Minton, Lol Coxhill, Michael Giles, Jochen Arbeit, Zoviet France,
    Nate Young, Adam Bohman, Bryan Lewis Saunders, Leif Elggren, John
    Russell and Aaron Moore.[/quote]


    Saturday 18 April 2015 8PM

    The Minesweeper
    Deptford Creek
    Brookmarsh Industrial Estate
    Norman Road
    Greenwich SE10 9QE
    Nearest Station: Greenwich


    London based improvisers of industrial ambient noise, Ampersand are an
    improvisational sound ensemble who have performed across Europe over
    the last nine years. They produce an experience of sound to envelop
    the audience in the act of the moment and the art of the moment. This
    uniquely pan-generational group utilises found objects, engineered
    metal, deconstructed traditional instruments and audio toys. Ampersand
    performances are always improvised, they arise thus from the moment,
    the place, the atmosphere, the occurrences of that day. The sound, and
    the experience of that sound, are imposed on all the senses, to share
    with the audience a charged and superlayered emotional state.
    Ampersand are Brian Bushell, Paul Wells, Joseph Oldfield and Stephen
    Oldfield. Nguyen Tri Mai is a Franco Vietnamese dance artist. For the
    last 20 years, she has drawn her inspiration from the waters, back and
    fro between Brittany coasts, salt marshes and the river, pools and
    canals of the East End of London. Mixing her Butoh dancing spirit with
    her passion for improvising with live music, Mai loves to express her
    intense movements in the moment, bring light to a space with her
    explosiveness. Mai has collaborated with musicians, film makers and
    photographers and specializes in site- specific and outdoor


    For this new live incarnation of Murmurists, composer Anthony Donovan
    has brought together accomplished veterans of the improv and
    experimental scene Rebecca Bogue, Matt Chilton, Graham Dunning and
    Anthony Osborne, to perform adapted versions of material from his
    albums 'I Cannot Tell You Where I Am Until I Love You' (released by
    Alrealon in 2013), and 'I Am You, Dragging Halo' (forthcoming from
    Linear Obsessional Recordings). Members are associated with
    established projects such as Dunning/Webster, Union Furnace and
    Manthrewny. Expect Spoken Word, film, dance and movement, married with
    sounds drawn from Industrial, Ambient, Free Jazz and Noise

    - BALKH

    California-based artists performing dissociative trance during
    contemporary live improv séance sessions.

    - PAGE & DRAGE

    Harsh noise and vocal chaosollaboration comprised of Andrew Page
    (raxil4) and Tim Drage (Cementimental)


    A new duo. Clough is ex bassplayer of
    experimental/prog/kraut/space/improv-rock band Rancid Poultry, also
    bothering mini-disc players in sound-exploring trio Klunk, and now
    producing analogue stretched-acoustics (mainly) under own name. Martin
    works as a bass player, and in drone/noise as laughingstock101. He
    asks: can dream-like states be induced, a place be created where
    reality and time are held in suspension?


    Harmergeddon = Nathan + Fae Harmer || audio/visual/performance art

    Their improvisations focus on the serendipitous, working with live
    electronics, obsolete consumer electronic devices and the drifting
    periphery. Their work resounds around atmospheric and meditative
    soundscapes, forming kinetic pulses, drifting textures and undulating
    drones paired with manipulated visuals and performance. In November
    2014 they released their debut EP, ‘Both Sides of the
    Conversation’ alongside Warren Schoenbright and Charles Hayward in
    an abandoned HMV near Leadenhall Market. This was done in association
    with Platform-7’s Waste.Agency project. The EP is available as a
    limited edition audio cassette and digital download. - Live Video example.[/quote]


    zamzamrec/Tesla Tapes Sunday Salon
    19 Apr 2015
    5pm - 11pm
    £5 donation
    Apiary Studios, 458 Hackney Rd, E2 9EG
    ZamZamrec and Tesla tapes present....

    All Dayer featuring Gnod + H.U.M. solo All stars...

    + workshop / conference on DIY art spaces featuring members / founders of Apiary studios, The Mill, ZamZamZone....


    10:00 : Cementimental

    9 : 15 Raikes Parade

    8:30 : Uiutna

    7:45 : Dwellings & Druss

    7 : H

    6:15 : Negra Branca

    5:30 : MW

    4: 45 : AHRKH

    4 : Sam Weaver

    +++ Tape market, Drink, Snax and more...[/quote]

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