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TermiteClub: Cathy Heyden/Rogier Smal + Panelak + Guttersnipe
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    The all new Termite Club is finally in action! 4th Incarnation since 1843!!!
    CATHY HEYDEN / ROGIER SMAL DUO (Paris / Amsterdam)
    Intense,wild,improvised sax! Endlessly inventive drumming! Rogier’s collaborated with all the big guns (Dylan Carlson, Marshall Allen, Mik Quantius). There is less info on Cathy but this is sure to be a blast!
    Kaleidoscopic electronics, noise squalling and office poetry by Pascal Ansell. New Brian Wilson cover. “Whitehouse meets Dada meets Donna Summer” – Idwal Fisher.
    The most charmingly abrasive discordance ever performed
    by a guitar-drums duo. Feat. Rob Glew (ex-Etai Keshiki) and the Dazzling Gretschen (Arcane Pariah Records)

    @ The Fenton Pub, Woodhouse Lane

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