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Cementimental + sideprojects live London 15, 17 and 25 July :)
  • Hi all, there's too many Cementimental + collaboration/sideproject things happening in London in July so just posting my mailing list message (please PM me your email address if you'd like to be added to this by the way):

    • Weds 15 at Anatum's Abode with my good friend DJ Schlucht over from Berlin, I'm playing as half of Page & Drage at this one.

    • On Fri 17th Cementimental: Listen Lisse, Xanthous + DJs at the George Tavern. Noise, chaos and dance 7 till 3am, FREE!

    • Sat 25 July I'm playing as part of the new cybergrind/noise band Nova-Virus at Vinyl Deptford, 4 till 11 with many great and weird acts! Entry free/donations.

    • TBC late July/early aug: Debut show of new noise/industrial/????? supergroup ANGLE GRINDER, details tbc.

    I thiink that's all for now?! Hopefully see you there.

    More coming up in August including a Cementimental-curated noise shed/stage at Cosmic Carnage alldayer @ The Windmill on the 15th, and live @ 4 Legs Good's event, Ryan's Bar on the 25th. Details of those next time!

    Tonne of infos below:

    Weds 15th July

    Anatum's Abode, 613 Commercial Road, London, E14 7NT

    Hailing from Berlin DJ ShluchT works at the DIYChurch as one of their unpaid interns since more than 5 years.
    He made himself a name with bad social behaviour online and in real live as well as naive ghost coding.
    His Dj sets are very eclectic - drug referential stoner-logic reflecting on movies without watching them and basically it always sounds the same or like one of his critics once said: classic intuitive wrongfootedness.
    He once released a mixtape called "Snakes on a Plane" via Bristols ZAMZAM records

    Plus support from:
    (in no particular order)

    Page & Drage ... -vs-raxil4




    rÎce from yr grave

    and probably more...

    free/donations i think? or cheap.


    Fri 17th July
    Eye of SOS presents: Listen Lisse, Xanthous, Cementimental, Justin Paton


    A night of cultural mayhem, cultural protest, experimental stuff

    Listen Lisse
    Songs about road trips, android dystopias, outlaws runnin' from the law and post-apocalyptic wastelands amongst ghetto driven love incantations.

    Spawned from Chaos

    Cementimental make various experimental noise/musics and audio art, usually involving 'circuit-bent' electronics.

    Justin Paton
    Improvised Acid House. Live set.

    DJ Oliotronix
    In da house to bring the party goers a new kind of musical experience.

    The George Tavern
    373 Commercial Road, E1 0LA London, United Kingdom


    Sat 25 July

    Vitaphone no more!


    The vitaphone system which has for so long united sound and vision in service to your entertainment needs has met its end! The vitaphone corporation has been laid waist by a strange energy wave and its system has disintegrated like dust in the wind, from now on brave bands of mortal musicians must enter the audion tube in order to return living sound to film, dare you join them, beyond the film gate??

    Lords of the hedonist present your synesthetic warrior technicians for tonight.

    Open Sorcery
    open sorcery is an experiment on the lines between improvisation and composition, hoping to push both the involved musicians and the listener beyond their comfort zone and beyond their expectations. on this occasion they will consist of collaborators Jon Lancelot (Dr Equalizer) Phillip Raymond Goodman (Flange Zoo, General Harm) and Lydia Morgan (Mu - μ)

    The Zapruder Nightmare (TZN) ... _MJGfFkttw
    No wave with the emphasis on the NO. the worlds most incompetent band have played in stairways, underground car parks, basement, kitchens and everything between and beyond, they sing about urban, suburban, rural, and bourbon myths, legends and unacknowledged truths stranger than fiction.

    Frank E & Jane E (@The Lonesome Cowboys from Hell)
    Psychotic undead cowboy music to swing from a rope and dance too.

    a brand new electronic grindcore collaboration from a number of different musicians and noise artists. viruses from the stars music to make the masses ill from both ends of their souls.

    Steven Smith
    a scottish singer songwriter living in london, useing voice guiter and trusty looping devices, singing sometimes humorous sometimes poignant sometimes both songs about love and other things.

    Apocalypse Jazz Unit
    conceived in 2012 as a solo recording project by saxophonist Rick Jensen and has since transmogrified into a live band with a variety of equally deranged improvisers. Since April 2013 Apocalypse Jazz Unit has been a tornado of activity, releasing 40 digital albums, whilst bringing experimental mayhem, eclecticism and a sense of humour to their countless performances.

    Listen Lisse
    Apocalyptic Art rock
    Songs about road trips, android dystopias, outlaws runnin' from the law and post-apocalyptic wastelands amongst ghetto driven love incantations.

    and more tba

    the great work of visonus will be done in
    vinyl deptford
    4 tanners hill SE8 4PJ
    25th july 4 to 10pm
    Entry free/donations encouraged.


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