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Seth Cooke - Christ of the Abyss
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    No-input field recording; stereophony - edition of 100 business card CDrs & download from Hairdryer Excommunication

    Archibald MacKinnon's 1887 life-size painting of the crucifixion is situated in a coastal cave on Davaar Island. It has been restored several times, including twice by the original artist and most recently in 2006 after it was replaced by an image of Che Guevara. The painting is intermittently accessible on foot via the Dhorlin tidal causeway and at risk of drowning and erasure due to rising sea levels.

    Recorded 16 April 2015. Released 23 July 2015.


    Christ of the Abyss by Seth Cooke

    Seth Cooke - Christ of the Abyss

    Seth Cooke - Christ of the Abyss

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