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Fret!, Stuart Chalmers, Imponderable Sound: Other Worlds Event, Preston, August 7th.
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    Doing a solo slot for the next installment of Other Worlds, should be a good event.
    I will be doing my first live show using 2 cassette players to abuse, missuse and wreck perfectly good pop, soul
    and classical tapes.
    Also my new series of loop albums Loop Phantasy no.1 is being released to coincide with the night.
    If your up around that way please come along.

    OTHER WORLDS FESTIVAL is a fantastic festival of experimental music and sound art organised by MUST DIE RECORDS. They Eat Culture & The Continental proudly host their bi-monthly events in Preston.

    Fret!, hailing from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, launched their debut vinyl release last month on Cruel Nature/Shy Bairns; and it is an awesome slab of raw noise rock. It’s around six minutes of grungy alt-rock, with raw drums pummelling behind ethereal vocals. Scuzzy basslines carry the songs along to ear shredding guitars. The whole thing has a live sound, which gives the feel of a sweaty crowd going mental in a tiny club.

    Stuart Chalmers assembles samples culled from cassettes of 'world', classical, and modern electronic music, juxtaposed in a lo-fi, musique concrète fashion. The results are disorientating but concise, and their construction is such that it's often hard to tell which sources are yielding which samples.

    By stimulating the tactile sense with infrasound and bypassing the ears the auditory cortex can be affected. The assumption here is that through the physical stimulation of the body with low frequency vibrations or infrasound the sensory receptors can be excited and accessed. Imponderable Sound explores the use of Infrasound as a means of composition, to attempt to define specific physiological and psychological responses in the listener or experiencer to create a multi-sensory experience within the performance space.

    8pm on Friday 7th August 2015.

    Tickets are £5. Available online

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