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27/9 BBBLOOD + Harrison & Piercy + Aqua Dentata + Acrid Lactations
  • 4pm start that's 4PM STAAARRRTTTT

    £5 (No-one will be turned away for lack of funds)

    Wharf Chambers, Leeds

    Angurosakuson Presents...

    BBBLOOD (London)

    "Watson’s live shows have been of the highest order and a testament to the noise artists craft". Paul Watson also has a release on Angurosakuson which has been called "full throttle, seat of the pants, hanging on to the edge of a table for dear life blasts of thundering noise." (Idwal Fisher) It will be for sale!

    HARRISON & PIERCY (Brighton / Leeds)

    Hot performance shenanigans from Brighton's Duncan Harrison in new duo with local Kieron Piercy who muddles about with tapes in concrète trio Spoils & Relics. They are calling it "sweet chin music" but that may be a joke.

    AQUA DENTATA (London)

    “Electronic noise as tai chi performance: poised, muscular, subtle, focussed” -- (Rob Hayler on Radio Free Midwich). Slowly evolving drone massages from Eddie Nuttall -- great to have him back in Leeds!


    "Twin glossy throats" of Stuart Arnot and Susan Fitzpatrick in homecoming mood, having moved from Glasgow to York. "The groans of a rust-encrusted seal playing a brine-swollen concertina . . . blustery backwards blowing raising a fair old foamy sea spiral . . . series of wet sips and slappings . . . all raspy panting and jowly shudder - stand well clear or get flecked with meaty spit!" (Joe Murray on Radio Free Midwich)

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