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Next Zero Wave Club, London feat. Breathing Space, Aino Tytti, Ripsaw Catfish & Far Rainbow
  • Hello, just a quick note to plug our next thing in Kentish Town. As usual, it's the third Tuesday of the month at the Fiddlers, 1 Malden Road. This month, we'll have a rather peculiar, kind of ritualistic sound art choral group called Breathing Space; processed field recordings and doctored synths from Aino Tytti; free improv from Cath Roberts and Anton Hunter as Ripsaw Catfish; and my group Far Rainbow on first. Paul Margree, of the We Need No Swords blog, was nice enough to describe our debut cassette as sounding like the kind of "free-spirited electronic kosmische musik that Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Dieter Moebius may have created in their Cluster heyday if they had King Tubby rather than Conny Plank producing it.” We still have quite a few copies of that tape if yr interested . The facebook event thing for the next gig, on October 20th, is here

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