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what are you currently working on?
  • _ch__ch_
    Posts: 1,899
  • _ch__ch_
    Posts: 1,899
    i'm currently trying to salvage a kraftwerk gone wrong track, and make it into a KRAFTWERK GONE WRONG track.
  • expexp
    Posts: 2,638
    I'm endeavouring to bash collaborations with Rob Hayler and Rhid Williams into shape; seeing if I can rescue some Defibrillators outtakes; working on a piece to give to Mr. Dsic for possible release (if it's not shit); having a think about putting out some music myself and how I'd do it; but mainly putting together Stephen's mixtapes and doing the layouts for his Smoke and Mirrors articles.
  • Kelly
    Posts: 121
    trying to figure out if i m doing a good job on pressure management; or if i should just let it exhaust itself. damn physics.
    Posts: 1,231
    I'm in a thinky place. Thinking about a GOOD THING that I can't mention out loud yet but BtB janitors know about it. Thinking about a performance with Duncan that I'm also not mentioning yet. Wondering if this is enigmatic or just flaky. Working on a covers record for next year. But mostly crawling into Christmas convalescence. Mmm.
  • I'm thinking I need to reprogramme my CZ101 in time for Tuesdays show in Portsmouth. And wondering exactly where the flat battery is inside it.
    I'm also hoping to get a shitmat mix for the xmas cd we'll be taking and wondering how much hassling I can do to henry to get it done in time.
  • MXLX
    Posts: 132
    I'll mention it after I've finished it. I don't want to jinx it.
    After that I'm thinking of making a book.
    If I get out of bed.
  • _ch__ch_
    Posts: 1,899
    i'm now in "juggling hell"...

    i have two 90% finished (discuss...) projects languishing
    one half-finished thingy
    another 90% finished thing
    a newly started collab which i'm waaaay behind on
    and a split to be started as soon as...

  • MXLX
    Posts: 132
    Am I alone in getting towards the home stretch on a project before a switch goes off in my head that says "Hey... I have no idea if this is terrible or great anymore!"? - I'm kinda tired of working on it now and maybe need a few days away from it, but I need to finish the vocals first! Graaaaahhhh! Maybe I'll just put it all in the recycle bin when I'm done anyway, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessh
  • expexp
    Posts: 2,638
    That, in a nutshell, is why I don't make any music that's labour intensive (apart from learning to be a better drummer). I hate that feeling. A track either gets made in one sitting or it's not worth making (not a rule for anyone other than me).
  • Duncan
    Posts: 349
    Holy heck looks like I just finished a new release, FINALLY. Been working on dat thing for a while, should be out this year, watch out.
  • expexp
    Posts: 2,638
    I've just finished a twenty-thirty minute piece that I'm hoping a certain Mr. Greg Dsic will like enough to put out, and have finished the first tracks for collaborations with Rhid Williams and Rob Hayler. Plus there should be copies of Missing Nothing available within a fortnight to three weeks. I sat and listened to the first and last discs over the weekend and they're monstrously good.

    Documentation from Psychobabble will get posted starting from this week too. And the cunty poster and promo blurb for the next BtB Hansard (Coded Transmissions, Saturday 3rd March) event should also be up this week.
  • Seth said: I've just finished a twenty-thirty minute piece that I'm hoping a certain Mr. Greg Dsic will like enough to put out

    It's pretty excellent so I'm sure he will.

    I should have free time in the house during non-neighbour-bothering hours tomorrow so I'll hopefully do the mastering then.
    Posts: 1,231
    I wrote a guitar quartet recently that I'd like to get practised and played soon. Need to resurrect the score the bore thread methinks.
  • Godstone
    Posts: 139
    I'm making sleeves for Godstone CDRs - think freehand op-art colouring book overlayed with colourful rorschach butterflies with my head stuck on.
    I'm also combining two excellent books "The Twits" and "The Tao of Pooh" to write "The Tao Of Twits" - could be a Christmas stocking filler eventually.
    I'm working with graphic line-shapes that i call fractal stars, translating them into tonal arrays: what i'm interested in is the fact that there is a simple process for the drawing of such a shape, but that I am unable to repeat shapes absolutely exactly, and that I am drawn (sic) to a particular application of the process that results in a repeated shape - despite that i cannot accurately repeat it (and so on). I like toying with these sorts of things: i call 'em reliable rather than predictable. There is also a transition possible between straight lines and curved (exponential-syle) lines, which depends on whim and other environmental modifiers.
    So players have trajectories. Player one moves from n.1 to n.2 at duration x. Player 2, at n.1, may move from n.1 to n.3 at duration x-1; or, at n.1a, may move from n.4 to n.2 at duration x+1 - and so on - thereby drawing the line, but choosing how to stretch the fractal star, changing the number of points, and so on.
    The ensemble is split into smaller groups so as to manipulate several stars at once. Probably, the number of stars playing, and when, at any given time, will be a decision left unto the players also.
    The tricky bit is to 'meet' all the trajectories: in order for the shape to be a fractal star, each line must close to the same point as another line. i'm wondering about allowing choices that would join stars together, rather than keep lines internal, perhaps with members switching groups when this happens. This would introduce an unstable element: will a fractal star actually end up getting made?
    Each star will be limited in it's tonal gamut, and i'm trying to work in the idea that a duration will dictate intervallic content: moving very fast between note-points could be interpreted as leaving larger gaps between tones, thereby becoming melodic. Or, star-processes will dictate this sort of info, ie, bend, gliss, arpeggiate, etc, beforehand.
    I won't leave it all to chance: i'm interested in the point where listening convinces us that something recognisable has arisen from the un-tracable, and i'm not against stacking the odds in favor of this happening, or indeed faking it.
    thats it!
  • Man I need a deadline or something, or a kick up the arse to sort out some new JBW.
  • a remix for the forthcoming + excellent single by this bunch:

    and i'm trying to finish a new ASC CD too, + working out how best to record some duo jams w/ mick flower
  • _ch__ch_
    Posts: 1,899
    ^thats^ begging for a good "shakira-ing"

  • expexp
    Posts: 2,638
    I just finished mixing a four channel recording of our minibus before we got the brake pads replaced. Jittering, engine sound, metal on metal scraping. Sounds really lovely. We're selling it in a couple of weeks, nice to have a lasting document.
  • My Casio CZ101 resets itself with illegal parameters if I don't use it for a couple of weeks, some of the sounds are great, I've given a load of them to a programmer/video artist called Bartosz Dylewski who used to do Visuals for The Spirit of Gravity and he has started doing video animations for them.

    They're based on 0 sized jpegs and the transformations are driven by the sound.

    is the first one. Its based on a pretty harsh sound. I like it. There should be 20 or so in the end from 20 seconds to 3 minutes in length.

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