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BTB Project : Act.
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    Seth said:

    It's two emptyings. Emptying is the economical action, repeating is the repeat with varied articulation.

    I kept the tiles. I might just always have tiles on hand. Can't think of anyone else that plays 'em.

    Has played tiles in the past - she's brilliant, I really love what she's doing.

    (NB I'm aware those aren't strictly tiles in that clip)
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    I still don't entirely understand the mystery presentation but I'm sure you'll explain that (if explaining it doesn't invalidate the mystery purpose?).

    I'll write something less off-hand to include as explanatory text - but in brief -

    "Perform a single, economical action.
    Repeat, varying articulation as the action demands.
    Continue until the action is resolved."

    I've tried to write this a few times now, so this is the very abridged version:

    What I did was to write the phrase and repeat it several times in different hands/ scripts - starting from the incredibly spare and proceeding to the incredibly elaborate/ ostentatious. The number of repetitions was decided by the amount of plain paper I had (that is, was an economical decision).

    I wasn't really interested in being 'mysterious' - but I was hinging what I did off of the word 'economical'. Objects are economised in a number of ways - in my piece there's aesthetic choice, variation and increasing complexity (assuming it's read sequentially). Economies tend to allow for great variance, so the minimally inclined will find something and those enjoying greater ostentation will find that. I was being a little bit of an awkward sod (c'est moi) so the enigmatic thing was about trying to keep the economic aspect alive - Duchamp's urinal wasn't an art object until it was applied as such, and it could return to minimal value.

    Also, I wanted to emphasise that an economy is rarely about the object-creator being the auter of its own value - as such, it was important to me that the post office had a hand in its arrival, and that Krasna had a hand in its representation. This for me comes loosely under the auspices of 'economic articulation', and is also about how important a society is to the value (or otherwise) of an object. In refusing to name the object, its economic value is undefined - undefined presuming that it's latent with potential values rather than leaden with a singular value, articulation and expectation.

    Hope this makes sense.
  • SandorKrasnaSandorKrasna
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    It does.

    Only a quick reply now because I'm only fleetingly on the internet. The cards arrived in the post, ordered from most baroque to most reduced, but with that sequence broken by the "beyond baroque" card flaring up before you come to the penultimate, super-reduced one in the sequence - which I thought given how OTT the most OTT one is, (and how kind of out of sequence it is however you order it) was kind of witty and silly and funny, had a kind of a musical quality to it, and in a wierd way further emphasised the resolution of the last card.

    Only going on what you said, the ordering in the envelope was maybe an accident? I like it either way. (Given that you've handed over control to me though I might just order it the way I received it :P)

    It's cool. I really like both so far.
    I'll try to get the page up next weekend so the rest of you can see what we're on about - I might wait for Denton's if it's immanent. The first two are very different so far, so interested to see what you do - do you need my email address?
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    There is a sequence in my head (and there was a rule followed for each one) but it's not imperative - it's not really designed to be sequential, and taking the economical line, you could easily pick one and say that was the act. Thus re-introducing the economical act of reducing presentation of phases in production - the jumper I'm wearing (a metaphorical one, I'm actually naked) presumably had other versions but the one I'm wearing is the one that was decided to be sellable.
  • Denton
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    Email address, yes, please..
  • SandorKrasnaSandorKrasna
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    Posts: 1,231
    Anything happening with this?
  • aye this slipped.
    For a while I was waiting for more responses, but I think fair to say we've had all we'll get by now.
    As with everything else at the mo - come Nov I'll get back on this stuff.
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    Cool, assumed that was the case but I enjoy nagging.
  • expexp
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    We can see if we can drum up more interest via the front page if you like.
  • I'm ok unless you want more company
    For myself it was an afternoon's idea that got 3 really nice responses. I've got other things to work on now so I'm not too worried if it stays at that.
  • expexp
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    Not bothered either way, my thinking was that it'd be stronger the wider the variety of takes on the material. Also been a while since we called for submissions. Happy to do either.
  • I finally got around to sorting this.
    Seth, Adam and Kev - if you want any text to accompany your pieces, can you mail me with it? Preferably fairly concise text.
    Once I have that (or indication that you don't want to include text) I'll stick it all up on the front page.
  • expexp
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    I'll scribble something tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing this all put together.
  • _ch__ch_
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    cool, but no link to seth's soundz...
    I can't see the post at work... I must've screwed up the soundcloud link. I'll check at home.
  • Fixxxxxxxed

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