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  • One of the next projects on the BtB to do list involves contacting all the promoters of weird, experimental and improvised music we can think of so we can help publicise their shows on the forum, blog and gig calendar.

    The secondary gain of compiling such a list is that this topic could also act as a resource for people looking to tour.

    So... who are Bang the Bore's counterparts throughout the rest of the UK?
  • expexp
    Posts: 2,638
    Starting with Leeds:

    Luke Lanterns
    Termite Club (if it ever starts again)
    Harmonic Rooms
    The Spin Off
    Black Dog
    British Wildlife


    Ejector Seat
  • RichT
    Posts: 84
    London (to start):
    The Klinker (inactive for a year but back soon)
    Upset the Rhythm
    Small but Perfectly formed
    Flim Flam
    Gravid Hands
    Skill Wizard
    Colour Ride
    Kammer Klang
    Music We'd like to Hear
    Soundfjord (also gallery)
    Sound and Music (national, usually works in partnership)
    Third Ear
  • Manchester
    Mie Music (
    Golden Lab Records (on facebook i think)

    Newcastle (+ nationwide)
    No-Fi (

    Singing Knives (

  • expexp
    Posts: 2,638
    Grind Sight Open Eye

    Cut Hands


    Colour Out of Space

    Qu Junktions

    A couple of the promoters I've listed only book the occasional weird band... might be worth asking people to only post an event if at least 50% of the bands on the bill are either experimental and/or improvised (I'm working to something like the Michael Nyman definition of experimental). That might sound too prescriptive... I just don't want the forum spammed with rock promoters and there needs to be a simple way for people to know what kind of events we promote. The alternative is to not invite those particular promoters to take part...

    (This is already a good exercise, innit? Nice to see all this info up in one place)
  • RichT
    Posts: 84
    Crack Zombie
    Bluecoat Gallery
    The Kazimer (also a venue)
  • RichT
    Posts: 84
    Oxford Contemporary Music
    Pindrop Performances
    Oxford Improvisers (New Music Oxford)

  • expexp
    Posts: 2,638

    Transient Constellations
    Drones Club
  • expexp
    Posts: 2,638
    I'm probably going to try to contact all the relevant people on this list over the next week to ten days. Any more for any more?
  • Brighton:
    Spirit Of Gravity
    Kev Kilter
    Wrong Music
    & me (if I get back into the habit again)
  • _ch__ch_
    Posts: 1,899
    tatty seaside town (larger bands)
    "whatever duncan calls himself"
  • In my Nottingham days 'Damn You!' used to put on some awesome shows. Not sure how active they currently are though. Also Johnny Scarr used to put on predominantly noise shows under the 'mantile' guise.

    Here in Cardiff: Shape Functions, Lesson No.1 and Joy Collective put on shows of varying experimental mindedness.

    Also, myself and some friends had a stalled start to promoting mainly experimental/improvised stuff last year. We booked PartWildHorsesManeOnBothSides and plan to get the ball rolling again later this year. We call ourselves 'The Rusty Trombone of God'.

    Do freenoise still organise shows in Sheffield?
  • expexp
    Posts: 2,638

    Capsule - and


    Colour Out of Space - and

    Spirit of Gravity -

    Kev Kilter -

    Wrong Music -

    Duncan Harrison -

    Tatty Seaside Town -

    Safehouse -


    Qu Junktions -


    Grind Sight Open Eye -

    Braw -

    Dialogues Festival -

    Giant Tank -

    Radio Black Forest -


    Harmonic Rooms -
    Contact form on site

    The Spin Off -

    Room237 -

    British Wildlfe -

    Luke Lanterns -
    lanterns [at] lanternsmusic [dot] co [dot] uk


    Postmusic -

    Crack Zombie -

    Bluecoat Gallery -

    Fact -

    The Kazimer -


    Drones Club -
    info AT

    Kosmische -
    input < AT >

    Transient Constellations -

    Gravid Hands -

    Noise=Noise -
    ryan-jordan [at] hotmail [dot] co [dot] uk

    OpenLab -
    OpenLab contact page -

    Colour Ride -

    Gluerooms - and

    Kämmer Klang - -

    Music We'd Like To Hear -

    Soundfjord -

    Sound and Music -

    Third Ear -

    The Klinker -

    Upset the Rhythm -

    Small But Perfectly Formed -

    Boat-ting -

    Mopomoso -

    FlimFlam -
    Contact form on site


    Mie Music -

    Golden Lab Records -

    The Noise Upstairs -


    No-Fi -


    Damn You! -

    Johnny Scarr -


    Oxford Contemporary Music -

    Pindrop Performances -

    Oxford Improvisers -


    Shndg -

    I Hate Your Favourite -

    St. Leonards

    The Warrior Squares -


    Singing Knives -

    Freenoise -


    Ejector Seat -

    Bang the Bore –


    The Nob Out Room -
  • expexp
    Posts: 2,638
    Sorted. Feel free to cut, paste, use and abuse as you see fit.

    Any that we've missed... just shout and we'll update.
  • patturpattur
    Posts: 62
    has anyone had any experience of the oxfordshire groups mentioned
    i really would like to get some gigs locally but never really being (dont take this as insulting) of the wire material and wonder if there all abit above me wondered if there down to earth or wether they would just look at me as someone making noise ?? sorry if this sounds all very insulting i do just think of myself as a lowly musican that just enjoys what i do
  • RichT
    Posts: 84
    I've done things with all of them in different capacities. They're all pretty open minded, pindrop will probably be more open to putting on new acts, although they're starting to put a few bigger acts on now. Oxford improvisers are more of a loose group of people that play free improvised music. They meet fairly regularly and they're open to new people, but it depends on whether your style of playing fits in with what they're doing.

    Probably worth going to a gig or two and seeing whether if it's your thing and saying hello to the promoter
  • charliecharlie
    Posts: 10
    thanks for all the info, people...
  • expexp
    Posts: 2,638
    Geoff from Spirit of Gravity just contacted me to update a few names on this list... so I've now added I Hate Your Favourite (Portsmouth) and Safehouse and Warrior Squares for the Brighton & St. Leonards area.

    Once we're satisfied that we've got enough names to be approaching comprehensive we should think about plotting all these points out on Google maps. It might help people coming from overseas who want to plot tour routes...
  • Winchester

    the sinistry of mound presents…the nob out room
    Home to electronica, folk, drone, krautrock and crooked costal slurtronics.!/group.php?gid=6941617109 – nob out room appreciation facebook group
  • expexp
    Posts: 2,638
    Nice one killblinton - that's been added.
  • RichT
    Posts: 84
    Couple more London ones (from facebook people)

    Dead Pets Society

    Club Hell

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