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OFFERED: Vinyl Cassette Mailers/Sleeves
  • Hey all,
    Thought i'd post this on here for any cassette label folk.
    I've got around 40-50 'spare' tape cassette mailers, the ones i've used for some of my Swefn releases - if anyone is interested?

    They are plain and have the words 'Articles for the blind' embossed beneath the little window.
    They were apparently used for subscribers to mail and receive editions. An address card, with return address on the back was placed in the window and simply turned over when it was time to return the mailer for the next cassette.

    I'm only asking to cover postage on them... they look like this:
  • Should have titled this - OFFERED: Vinyl & Velcro Cassette Mailers/Sleeves
  • Changed title for you. Sorry- I've not looked into forum for a few days.
  • Hey Francis,
    can these fit a standard cassette-inside-a-case in it? If so I'd be up for taking them, and could paypal you the postage costs.
    Send me an email: sblleyden at gmail dot com

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