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Audio Signal Processing for Music: Free Online Course - starts 21st Sep
  • There's a very interesting looking free course on Coursera run by Xavier Serra and Julius Orion Smith. Serra is a pretty big name in modern musical dsp - his PhD thesis was pretty seminal in approaches to resynthesis of musical sounds containing prominent transients (eg. most interesting musical sounds) and that research lives in a huge swathe of modern digital audio applications.

    It's all in Python which means the knowledge of programming / memory structures etc. is not going to be particularly hardcore. On paper, anyone wanting to learn the fundamentals of audio software couldn't want a better introduction... I've just signed up.

    Also - the forenames of the guys teaching are Xavier" and "Julius Orion", which is pretty great. At the end of the course you probably get to pick your own academic superhero name.
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    I often wonder how much stick Xavier Charles gets.


    Separated at birth?

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