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Interview with Joe Panzner

Joe Panzner is a composer, mastering engineer and musicologist based in Ohio. For nearly a decade now he has been building what is, for our money, one of the most consistently exciting & intelligent bodies of work in noise & computer music.

Alex Ward – Glass Shelves and Floor

Alex Ward‘s musical activities are still as not as well known as they should be, despite over a quarter century of extraordinary work. As a clarinettist his virtuosity and imagination are pretty much unrivalled, and his electric guitar playing doesn’t lag behind. He’s worked with plenty of famous names (Derek Bailey, Eugene Chadbourne, Thurston Moore) […]

  • Apr 18, 2015
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Tim Parkinson Interview – Trio with Objects

Tim Parkinson is one of the most unassumingly fascinating composers at work in the UK at the moment. The surfaces of his music are often free of many of the usual appurtenances of experimental music, but his work continually upsets expectations and has a logic unlike any other music around. He has written for groups […]

  • Mar 27, 2014
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Dominic Lash – Chord Sequence with Interruptions

In this Second instalment of Bang the Bore’s Interviews With Composers series, we spoke to Dominic Lash about his piece Chord Sequence with Interruptions

  • Feb 25, 2014
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In this first instalment of Bang the Bore’s Interviews With Composers series, we spoke to Sarah Hughes about (can never exceed unity), an instantiation of which appeared on Suppedaneum’s superb 2013 release Accidents of Matter or of Space.

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Displacement Activity

On 15th June 2013 Bang the Bore presented Displacement Activity, a concert inspired by an exhibition of work by land artists Robert Smithson and Nancy Holt at the John Hansard Gallery in Southampton. It featured compositions by Manfred Werder and James Saunders; a publication by Neil Chapman and David Stent; a sonification of Smithson’s mirror displacement methodology by Seth Cooke; and a special edition of Compost & Height’s Wolf Notes journal. This article collects the documentation of that event.


A few months back I opened up a fairly minimal “text score”  for responses from posters on the Bang the Bore forum. The text score itself was called ACT, it was the product of a slow morning spent with scores by Cage, Brecht and others on my mind. I liked the idea of instructions that were at the […]

“…hot therms looking prehistoric pterodactyl…” (Bang the Bore at Supernormal, part 4)

Final piece about BtB at Supernormal 2012, including some wonderful text from Gary Goodman, more videos of various bits and bobs, reflections and perhaps something approximating an insinuation that we’ll most likely be returning next year. Plus the phrase ‘totes amazeballs’.

“I’m a massage whore, right?” (Bang the Bore at Supernormal, part 3)

Supernormal festival: 3rd part of our personal reflections from BtB affiliates involved in 2012’s festival. Includes an anecdote about massages, stories of toddlers’ first steps, reflections on poetry and the answer to the question ‘was Verity sick at Supernormal?’

“streams of shit and piss falling onto huge piles of piss and shit.”* (BtB at Supernormal, part 2)

Supernormal festival: reflections on massages, wildlife, advertising of vegan food, drinking, visual pendulums, naked people, my hair, crickets, defective tents, piles of poo, hardcore pornography in a forest… and there might be some mention of the music as well.