Wherever He Leads, I’ll Go: Stockhausen’s Intuitive Music, by Logan K. Young

Logan K. Young presents a provocative piece on the work and ideas of Karlheinz Stockhausen. Discussing improvisation, composition, and his studies with the composer.

“I want to live there. And make you a workhorse for eternity.” (Bang the Bore at Supernormal, part 1)

Supernormal festival: reflections on massages, wildlife, advertising of vegan food, drinking, visual pendulums, naked people, my hair, crickets, defective tents, piles of poo, hardcore pornography in a forest… and there might be some mention of the music as well.

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Team Sports Interview

Team Sports, improvisers extraordinaire, share a few words with BtB about their philosophy of improvisation & their improvised philosophy.

Missing Nothing – a 6cdr set from Bang the Bore

Bang the Bore’s first fundraiser compilation, a 6cdr behemoth featuring music donated by John Butcher, Alvin Lucier, Astral Social Club, Mark Sanders, The A Band, Ashtray Navigations, Bolide and many, many more. Buy it here!

Twelve Tapes

Stream, watch or download the first performance of Twelve Tapes: twelve C60 cassette tapes, each containing performances based around the note B, recorded live in enclosed, multi-storey and underground car parks. In performance, any number of these tapes may be played in any combination alongside any number of musicians playing any instrumentation.

Smoke and Mirrors (part seven) – Great North Wood

The seventh and final part of Stephen Grasso’s treatise on London’s lost mythology finds the fatal flaw at the heart of plutocratic notions of ownership, adjudicates against the Enclosures Acts’ disempowerment of those outside the capitalist system and celebrates a visceral, animalistic humanism as an antidote to abusive authority.

Smoke and Mirrors (part six) – Over the River

Leaving behind the mythic skylines of the ever encroaching city, part six of Stephen Grasso’s adventures in the darker seams of London bridges the liminal space over the Thames, awakens the life-giving goddess of the river and exposes the veneration of ancestral bones in South London as modern magic echoes the past.

Smoke and Mirrors (part five) – The Fire of London

In the fifth part of his account of legendary London, Stephen Grasso excavates the ancient significance of the London Stone, proclaims the city’s history of violent resistance to abusive authority and ignites Christopher Wren’s Monument to the Great Fire of London as a beacon of both hope and the regenerative power of purifying fire.

An audience with John Butcher, Mark Sanders and Ben Piekut

Listen to an audio recording of Ben Piekut and the music students of Southampton University asking John Butcher and Mark Sanders questions about improvised music at the Turner Sims in February 2011.

Smoke & Mirrors (part four) – Bull and Bear

Part four of Stephen Grasso’s psychoarchaeological excavation of London charts the mysterious vaults beneath the Bank of England, discerns the old ghosts of England channelled in contemporary protest theatre and sounds a rallying cry in the battle to reclaim our sacred space.