Matt Loveridge

Multi-instrumentalist, methodological scavenger, relentless collaborator and man of a thousand aliases… no wonder Matt Loveridge can’t quite put it all into words.

Odd Future Retro

Responding to Simon Reynold’s piece Retromania in this month’s Wire magazine Dan Bennett asks whether internet culture is really killing off the importance of the album, or just changing it.

Ashtray Navigations & the UK DIY Underground (Pt 2)

Part two of our epic celebration of the music of Phil Todd and Ashtray Navigations, featuring contributions from many of their friends, fans and collaborators (including Stewart Keith, Clive Henry, Matt Valentine, Aaron Moore and Alex Neilson).

Ashtray Navigations & the UK DIY Underground (Pt 1)

Phil Todd, this is your life. In part one of our celebration of the music of Ashtray Navigations, Bang the Bore roped in their friends and collaborators (including Neil Campbell, Jason Williams, Phil Legard, Daniel Spicer and Simon Morris) to comment on Todd’s alternate universe of sound.

Interview: Simon Reynell

For the last four years the Another Timbre label has released a stream of consistently excellent discs exploring the increasingly blurred boundaries between improvisation and composition. Bang the Bore caught up with label owner and professional sound recordist Simon Reynell to talk about developments and innovation in improvisation and the peculiar position one finds oneself in when running a record label.

William Bennett

William Bennett is one of the most intriguing figures operating in music today. As the only constant member of the UK’s seminal Whitehouse, he has been instrumental in influencing many subsequent subgenres of Noise and applied himself to exploring the extremities of sound, thematic material and performance for over thirty years. Bang the Bore caught up with him as he finalised the mixing of the long-gestating first album by his Cut Hands project to talk about (and around) issues of how musicians strategise their engagement with their art and audience.

The Glossolinguist

From Charismatic Christianity to avant garde performance strategies, from Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Reichian psychotherapy to possession phenomena, Seth Cooke navigates a bizarre path through the strangeness that arises when you give up control of your voice.

Ken Hyder: On Magic and Music

Scottish drummer, percussionist and vocalist, Ken Hyder, is a musical and spiritual adventurer… In 1990, with long-time musical partner, Tim Hodgkinson (formerly of Henry Cow), Hyder made the first of many trips to Siberia where they played and recorded with local musicians and shamans. He became deeply immersed in the culture of the shaman, took part in shamanic rituals and devoted himself to learning the subtleties of the shaman’s drum, the dungur. Hyder and Hodgkinson now perform all over the world as K-Space with Tuvan singer Gendos Chamzyryn. In this interview with Daniel Spicer he discusses his deeply considered fusion of music, magic, improvisation and shamanism.

A Goodbye to Trish Keenan

Fiona Fletcher bids farewell to Broadcast’s Trish Keenan, who passed away 14th January 2011.

ATP: The Nightmare Before Christmas, Curated By Godspeed You! Black Emperor, or: Lift Yr Skinny Wrists Like Antennas to Lemons

Thoughts on the weekend of the 3rd, 4th and 5th of December; at Minehead Butlins. Your intrepid reporter had better things to do than carry a camera around, hence his report is decorated with everyday tales from in and around a lemony chalet. I massively resent ATP, for various reasons which are both reasonable and […]