A few months back I opened up a fairly minimal “text score”  for responses from posters on the Bang the Bore forum. The text score itself was called ACT, it was the product of a slow morning spent with scores by Cage, Brecht and others on my mind. I liked the idea of instructions that were at the […]

2 x John Butcher, live

Two live clips of John Butcher improvising in duos with highly contrasting drummers – Gino Robair and Mark Sanders.

Tim Hodgkinson

For Coded Transmissions, Bang the Bore’s third event at the John Hansard Gallery, we asked Tim Hodgkinson to improvise live alongside a playback of the K-Space album Infinity – an album that never plays the same music twice. Watch the entirety of his performance here.

BtB 12/12 #4: clive henry – XVI – September 2012 – the cage

The fourth contribution to Bang the Bore’s 12/12 project – clive henry – XVI – September 2012 – the cage – will be streamable and downloadable until the end of October 2012.

Stephen Grasso – A Voodoo Christmas in South Norwood II

Bang the Bore is proud to present the second volume of Stephen Grasso’s selection of “(often very) tangentially Voodoo-related” Christmas records, compiled from his personal collection. A seasonal mixtape for stream or download.

Live at the Pussy Boutique, Stoke-on-Trent

Stream live performances from Astral Social Club, Mothers of the Third Reich, Midwich, Target Shoppers, Subs and Vile Plumage, recorded live at the Pussy Boutique, Stoke-on-Trent, in celebration of the marriage of Andy and Trudi Jarvis.

BtB 12/12 #1: Seth Cooke – Gravity Well

A composition involving two improvisations – one using feedback systems, the other interference – overlaid at three different sample rates. Recorded for Bang the Bore’s 12/12 collaboration.


Aghartha is the solo project of Briony Yorke, who is currently researching x-ray crystallography and building scientific instruments for her PhD in Biophysics. Watch her performance at Bang the Bore XII: Coded Transmissions.

Seth Cooke, Clive Henry and Kevin Sanders Trio

An improvisation featuring acoustic guitar alongside treated cymbals, electronics and steel sink, performed at Left Bank in Leeds 03.05.2012. Audio by Simon Reynell.

Hossein Hadisi

An extraordinary singer and multi-instrumentalist, Hadisi’s music fuses the contemporary avant garde with rock music and traditional Persian influences. This piece, performed at Bang the Bore XI: Psychobabble with audience participation, is based on the Muslim rite of prayer.