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Skjolbat – s/t 3″ cdr

Skjolbat are an improv duo from Bristol; to be more precise, a guitar/gongs duo. Its an unusual coupling, but one they make sound effortless. On strings, Daniel Bennet – most notably the guitarist in the damaged party-noise band, Hunting Lodge; as well as being behind the recent “Maersk” album by Skjolbrot (a very beautiful recording indeed). On metals, Matt Nolan – whilst a very skilled musician in his own right, it is his incredible handcrafted cymbals and gongs that have received most attention; not only visually stunning, but also acclaimed for their sound. S/T is recorded straight to mic, and is presented without any processing – just the glorious sound made in that room. Incredibly rich in sound and detail, the tracks show the tremendous subtlety and articulateness of the players; moving seamlessly from thundering outbursts to very restrained passages of quiet, careful dialogue. I have never heard such colourful, yet OPAQUE recordings. Released in a limited edition of 50, by the Journal of the Belgae Folk Club, this mini-cdr is housed in a beautiful stumptown-printed jacket with hand-assembled innards.£6 inc postage to UK payable to by paypal

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