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Team Brick front cover

Team Brick – Hardon for Hadron 3″ cdr

Bristol devil child, Team Brick, has soiled many a pie with his grubby fingers; working with acts such as portishead, crippled black phoenix, gonga, hunting lodge,  yoshy!, BEAK> and bearded cats in his youthful time. Reduced to his lonesome, he covers a formidable range of territory; and confronted with him live, you’ll probably witness any mix of throat-singing, guitar noise, sax bleating, drum mangling. skree and choral dread. HARDON FOR HADRON is, to my knowledge, an unprecedented foray into the land of the 8-bit by mr brick. Imagine yr  computer, or better still that old spectrum 48K or SNES that lurks in the attic; imagine it with a virus in the shape of a small child running around inside it. Well, you don’t actually have to imagine it, because team brick has satisfied all such desires. Playful and anthemic, this 18 min long track is an intricately constructed soundtrack to SOMETHING – possibly a cheap japanese mid-80s remake of Tron. Thats a compliment, by the way. This has turned out to be one of his last projects under the Team Brick name and is a clear pointer to his new work as Klad Hest. Released in a limited edition of 50, by the Journal of the Belgae Folk Club, this mini-cdr is housed in a beautiful stumptown-printed jacket with hand-assembled innards.

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