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Missing Nothing

Missing Nothing is Bang the Bore’s first fundraiser compilation, a 6cdr behemoth featuring music donated by John Butcher, Alvin Lucier, Astral Social Club, Mark Sanders, The A Band, Ashtray Navigations, Bolide and many, many more.


We wanted to release something beautiful that people would want to keep; something that represents the musicians who have played for us during our first three years of events; and something that helps introduce some lesser known bands from our home town of Southampton, UK.

All music was donated by the artists with the intention of helping us raise money to purchase a field PA for our shows in Southampton, Bristol and elsewhere. You can help us by spreading the word, whether that’s via forums, social networking, reviews or however else you see fit.

Missing Nothing will be burned to order, with packaging assembled by hand, in an initial run of 100.

Missing Nothing

Disc 1 (total duration 01:19:06)

1. After the Rain – Distance 3 (2.53)
2. Ignacio Agrimbau – Anatomy of the Self II (9.13)
3. Andrew Clare – Special Relationship (16.47)
4. Dsic – Gentle People/Extrajudicial Execution (5.05)
5. Quamvis Sum Parva – Skinning Gongheads (recorded live in the Castle Vault, Southampton) (14.40)
6. Annie Lewandowski, William Ryan Fritch & Jennifer Wilsey Trio – Light to Thin Lids (6.00)
7. Hákarl & Daniel Alexander Hignell – Some Members of Our Church Family (6.40)
8. After the Rain – The Walk (12.26)
9. Daniel Bennett – The Cherry Tree Carol (5.19)

Disc 2 (total duration 01:18:57)

1. Defibrillators – By Nature’s Hand, By Craft, By Art, What Once Was One Now Fly Apart (recorded live at the Hokaben Festival) (16.15) LISTEN HERE
2. Astral Social Club – Das Oort (15.53)
3. Deepkiss 720 – Recorded on Walkmans Reduced to Mp3 (11.07)
4. Deepkiss 720 – I Don’t Think You Need New Boobs, But If You Do You Should Get Black Ones (extract) (6.15)
5. Deepkiss 720 – Still No Apologies for the Lack of Fidelity (11.11)
6. Deepkiss 720 – The Lost Metal (18.16)

Disc 3 (total duration 01:17:26)

1. Andy Jarvis – Shooting Lasers (4.40)
2. Spoils & Relics – Mainmark (7.47)
3. Ni Dieux Ni Maitre – Mountain State (9.46)
4. Clive Henry – A Lone Sniper in a Liberated Village (9.58)
5. Petals – The Lives and Traditions of Convicts (15.04)
6. Simon Morris Dance Band – Maxime (30.11)

Disc 4 (total duration 01:13:35)

1. Rick Jensen Trio – And When I’m Finished, It’s Gonna be a Bloodbath (recorded live at Bang the Bore V) (29.28)
2. Mark Sanders – Bubbles (recorded live at Bang the Bore VIII) (28.41) LISTEN HERE
3. Hákarl36 (minus Barni Yianni, Huw Webb and Jamie Glew Osborn) – 127 64800ths + 151 25920ths + 401 129600ths (recorded live at the Supernormal Festival 2011, then overlaid) (15.26)

Disc 5 (total duration 01:16:06)

1. Ashtray Navigations – Bovril Bloody Mary (recorded live at Bang the Bore III) (26.07) LISTEN HERE
2. Bolide – A259 Miami Vice Piss Stop (recorded live at Bang the Bore VIII) (25.14) LISTEN HERE
3. The A Band – Abutter (recorded live at Bang the Bore VIII) (24.45) LISTEN HERE

Disc 6 (total duration 01:17:47)

1. Seth Cooke – The Tower (recorded live in a derelict cooling tower) (7.01) LISTEN HERE
2. John Butcher – High Salt (recorded in concert at Neue Musik in St. Ruprecht, Vienna) (14.12)
3. John Butcher – Low Salt (recorded in concert at Neue Musik in St. Ruprecht, Vienna) (11.46)
4. Team Sports – Team Sports vs Frederick J Fredericks (recorded in a cave on the Craig y Cilau nature reserve) (10.45)
5. Alvin Lucier (performed by Lucy & Stuart Bannister) – I am Sitting In a Room (recorded live at Bang the Bore IX in the Castle Vault, Southampton, by Simon Reynell) (34.03) LISTEN HERE